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Vigilant Health care

The change from good health to ill health can be rapid. Patients and vulnerable loved ones need our vigilance to enjoy a good quality of life. However, we can’t always be there and sometimes expert help is far away.

Lookinglass is an eternally vigilant smart mirror platform able to detect the symptoms and progression of degenerative health conditions. Using proprietary machine learning and computer vision techniques, our platform identifies ill health in a family member or patient as they go about their normal daily routine.

The early detection of Grandad’s Parkinson’s disease or the complication from his medication after surgery can greatly improve his prognosis. Lookinglass observes and then connects health care experts to Grandad in his home and ensures he receives the best possible care when he needs it.

Lookinglass is smart enough not to overburden health care practitioners and is guaranteed to only share Grandad’s information with the people he trusts the most.

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